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Tobacco Leaf

Discover our wholesale tobacco leaf inventory with various curing methods and sourcing origins.

About Us

SAI is a modern and market-oriented company with a genuine passion for agriculture. Operating on a global platform, we constantly are striving towards expanding our markets and providing first-class service and expertise in the agriculture industry.

We are proud to position ourselves as partners exclusively with private, medium-sized companies. SAI is a forefront company which gets the products to the markets with personalized and flexible service. SAI fully supports tobacco-farmer sustainability.

Sourcing Origins

Argentina 70%
Zimbabwe 90%
Malawi 85%
Brazil 90%

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Serving Your Agricultural Needs Our team utilize time and resources to maximize trade effectiveness.

Iqbal Lambat

Dr. Iqbal Lambat CEO

30 years of experience in the tobacco industry. Managing the overall operations and resources of the company.


Vildan Lambat CFO

Please reach Mrs. Vildan Lambat at +90-212-227-9668

Mehmet Ayyildiz

Mehmet Ayyildiz Group Finance Director, Vice President of Indonesian Region

You can reach Mr. Mehmet at +90-212-227-9668.

Baldev Mistry

Baldev Mistry Vice President - Africa

You can reach Mr. Baldev Mistry at +27 (0) 82-717-8461 or on Skype: Baldev.Mistry1.

Efe Abdullahoglu

Efe Abdullahoglu Business Development Manager

Head of business development.

Hugo Echeverria

Hugo Echeverria General Manager / South & Central America Region

Please reach Mr. Hugo Echeverria at +5 493-875-424-454 (mobile).

Maarten van Dijck

Maarten van Dijck Sales Manager Global Cigar Region

Please reach Mr. Maarten van Dijck at +31 (0) 6 – 526 89 666

John Ozkayki

John Özkaykı Sales Manager - European Region

Please reach Mr. John at +90-541-541-3946.


Rüştü Çalık Group Logistics Manager

Please reach Mr. Rüştü Çalık at +90-212-227-9668

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Frequently Asked Questions If you would like to discuss your questions with us directly, give us a call at +90 212-227-9668

How To Process Tobacco Leaf?

The process of making cigarettes begins in the field where tobacco is grown and harvested. Once the tobacco is harvested and dried, a process known as curing takes place and it is then shipped to a stemmery where stems and veins get seperated from the lamina.

Where To Buy Tobacco Leaf?

You can buy directly from trusted tobacco leaf supplier Star Tobacco, simply by calling +90 212 227 9668. Phone support available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m (GMT+3). Call now to learn more about our inventory.

What is Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf?

By recycling remnants of tobacco remaining after leaf processing, the manufacturer combines these remnants into a flexible sheet. These recycled sheets are used in the tobacco blend creation. It’s a good method to maintain a very consistent and high-quality cigarette blend.

How To Cure Tobacco Leaf?

Usually, curing methods differs by the type of tobacco leaf harvested. Tobacco should be cured properly to reduce the chlorophyll content. Tobacco can be cured by air, fire, flue, sun, and fermentation. Check out STI’s instructional content if you want to learn more.
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